Roberto Aguilera                                                Lito Amores, ATM 
Carmencita Bengzon, CTM, CL                  Patricia Berberabe, CTM
Al Cadenilla, CTM                                               Bernard Canonigo
Christine Cali                                        George Esguerra, ATM, CL
Arvin Fallarme, CTM                                    Antonio Figueroa, DTM
Mariliza Lacap                                                 Cesar Lumba, ATM 
Jose Mari Mercader                                           Bernadette Molina
Galicano Munar, CTM                                                 Olive Nowik      Fran Okeson, DTM                                                 Nelsie Parrado            Ruth Pante                                                           Armando Porto             Eloisa Porto                                                            Myrna Quinto            Adela Quisumbing, CTM                                  Manny Quisumbing            Richard Rillera, CTM                                        Victoria Santivanez            Emerito Salud, CTM                                       Fiorello Salvo,  DTM
Gilda Salvo, ATM, CL                                            Martzoille Salvo            Edwin Solano                                             Isagani Tolentino, CTM            Eduardo Toloza, ATM, CL                             Gary Van  Miert, CTM            Xerxes Treyes, ATM, CL


Want to be a member?,  please call  201-320-8048
You are lucky for joining one of the best personality development organizations in the world.
"Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding;"
               Toastmasters is one way of achieving......

Please pay your dues on time. Our club is required to submit our Semi-annual Report Of Club Membership 
twice a year.

On or before:

April 1
October 1

Trophies, Plaques, Medals, Ribbons, Certificates and other citations are foods for the heart!
Let this club be your laboratory for self-improvement.
Toastmasters International is a leading organization devoted to helping its members achieve effective oral communication, listening and thinking skills and leadership ability.

To achieve these goals, a standard educational communication and leadership program must be strictly followed.

                          Competent Toastmasters Certificate (CTM)
To achieve this level and receive a recognition award from Toastmasters International, the member should finish ten (10) basic projects.

The Basic Manual:      Objective:                                       Time:                  
  1) The Ice Breaker                                                                        
   2) Speak with Sincerity                                                                
   3) Organize Your Speech                                                            
   4) Show What You Mean                                                           
   5) Vocal Variety                                                                          
   6) Work with Words                                                                    
   7) Apply Your Skills                                                                    
   8) Add Impact                                                                             
   9) Persuade with Power                                                                 
  10) Inspire Your Audience                                                             
                              ATM Bronze, ATM Silver & ATM Gold
There are three (3) advanced levels after the Basic Program or CTM. 1) ATM Bronze is achieved by finishing ten speeches from two manuals. 2) ATM Silver  requires another ten speeches, and 3) ATM Gold after another ten speeches.
The Advanced Communication and Leadership Program  is designed to train the speaker to act naturally in a situation outside of the club's environment. There are fifteen (15) manuals to select from to satisfy the requirements  for the three levels of Advanced Program awards.

1) The Entertaining Speaker
2) Speaking to Inform
3) Public Relations
4) The Discussion Leader
5) Specialty Speeches
  6)  Speeches By Management
   7) The Professional Speaker
   8) Technical Presentations
   9) Persuasive Speaking
  10) Communicating on Television
11) Storytelling
12) Interpretive Reading
13) Interpersonal Communications
14) Special Occasion Speeches
15) Humorously Speaking
As an additional requirement  to receive Advanced Toastmaster Silver Award
the member should conduct two (2) programs from either or both of:

The Better Speaker Series
Designed as ten (10) minutes educational
speeches to be given in the club

1) Beginning Your Speech
2) Concluding Your Speech
3) Take the Terror out of the Talk
4) Impromptu Speaking
5) Selecting your topic
6) Know Your Audience
7) Organizing Your Speech
8) Creating An Introduction
9) Preparation And Practice
The Successful Club Series
It addresses successful club meetings and offer tips on  attracting and maintaining members.

1)   The Moments of Truth
2)   Finding New Members
3)   Evaluate to Motivate
4)   Closing the Sale
5)   Creating the Best Club Climate
6)   Meeting Roles and Responsibilities
7)   Mentoring
8)   Keeping the Commitment
9)   Going Beyond the Club
10) How to be Distinguished Club
To introduce yourself
To convince audience of your conviction
To help you understand what areas require emphasis and development
To learn value of gestures
Explore the proper use of voice
Proper selection of words
To apply what you learn from the first five speeches
To learn the value of props
To learn to persuade the audience to accept
your proposal
To understand the mood of your audience

4 to 6 minutes
5 to 7 minutes
4 to 6 minutes

5 to 7 minutes
5 to 7 minutes
5 to 7 minutes
5 to 7 minutes

5 to 7 minutes
5 to 7 minutew

8 to 10 minutes

Membership &
Educational Programs
Membership &
Educational Programs
Advanced Toastmaster Gold
To achieve ATMG, the candidate must finish the following: 1) Advanced Toastmaster Bronze, 2) Advanced Toastmasters Silver, 3) completed two (2)  additional Advanced Communication & Leadership Program manuals, 4) coached a new member with the first three (3) speeches, and conduct any two from either or both of:
How To Listen Effectively
The Art of Effective Evaluation
Building Your Thinking Power
From Speaker To Trainer
How To Conduct Productive Meetings
Parliamentary Procedure In Action
Parliamentary Procedure,   
  Westminster Model
Building Your Leadership Power
Improving Your Management Skills

Competent Leader

To be eligible, a member must have:
1) Achieved Competent Toastmaster award
2) Served at least six months as a club officer
   and participated in the preparation of a
   Club Success Plan
3) While a club officer, participated in a
   District-sponsored Club Officers Training
5) Conducted any two programs from The
   Successful Club Series
Advanced Leader

To be eligible, a member must have:
1) Achieved Competent Leader
2) Served a complete term as District Officer
3) Completed the High Performace Leadership
4) Served successfully as a Club Sponsor,
   Mentor, or Specialist

To be eligible for this award, a member must have:
* Achieved Advanced Toastmaster Gold Award
* Achieved Advanced Leader Award
Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) is the highest recognition a member may receive.
This program is specially designed for members who have demonstrated outstanding speaking skills in major presentations beyond the club level. To apply, you must have:
1) Given 25 major speeches during the three (3) dyears preceding the application date
2) Demonstrated professional level speaking skills in specified categories
3) Earned the ATM award, and
4) Maintained current membership in the Toastmasters Club
Successful candidats must pass a rigorous two-stage judging process.